Working it out

What you can do to start tackling the worry and anxiety:

  1. First off sort out what you are worried or anxious about – exactly – and write it down
  2. Think about, and write down some things that might counteract or provide solutions to the source of your worry or anxiety and will help it to lessen or go away
  3. Go through each of the solutions and evaluate them by asking yourself:
    • What will make the solution work?
    • What will stop it from working?
    • Will it really help? 
    • What do I need to do to make the solution work?
    • Is that do-able?
    • Will the solution last long enough for me to feel better about myself?
  4. Pick the most appropriate solution
  5. Plan how you can make this solution work
  6. Take some action and try the solution
  7. Review how well the solution worked
  8. Has your worry or anxiety reduced or gone?

If one solution doesn’t work, try another.

It can also be helpful to talk over these steps with someone whose opinion you value and trust. An objective point of view about the possible solutions and how workable they are can make a big difference to whether the worry or anxiety stays, reduces or goes.

Created on 19/08/2013 | Updated on 10/12/2015
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