Thinking record

If how you think affects how you feel it can be helpful to have a record of your thinking patterns. Print the table below to:

  • Record the thought/s you have at different times in the day or when you notice you are worried or anxious.
  • Identify how your thought/s made you feel.
  • Identify any unhelpful ways of thinking (for more detailed explanation of these, see Tool 10).
  • Come up with challenges to any worrying or anxious thought/s.

What was I thinking?

How did this make me feel?

What did I notice happened as a result of my thinking?

Was it an unhelpful way of thinking?

(all or nothing, negative focus, fixed rule, catastrophising, jumping to conlusions, personalising)

Possible challenge to worrying or anxious thought/s













Created on 28/08/2013 | Updated on 10/12/2015
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