Feeling like you have somewhere to go to, a place you feel welcome and something to do, offers a distraction from anxious thoughts and feelings. It provides a sense of purpose, order and meaning that works against your anxieties. 

Choose a hobby, a goal to pursue, or an interest so you can participate in something you enjoy. This might be:

  • A sport such as tennis, cricket, golf, bowls…
  • An activity like yoga, tai chi, stretching classes, weight classes, dance…
  • A hobby such as painting, drawing, knitting, sewing…
  • A book or movie club
  • Volunteering – there are organisations that organise volunteering such as Go Volunteer which is a not-for-profit organisation designed to make volunteering easy –
  • Sporting clubs – these provide a good opportunity to get involved on various committees
  • Boards – some not-for-profit organisations need people of all ages and stages of life on their boards. This can make you feel you are contributing to society and that you are using your experiences of life.
Created on 28/08/2013 | Updated on 10/12/2015
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