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Anxiety and worry tend to decrease as women get older and you don’t seem to worry or care as much about what people think of you. How wonderful would it be if we all thought this at a younger age! The focus of worries and anxiety as you get older is more likely to be on your health, money, safety and your family. There is also the chance you are more anxious about past traumatic events that have happened to you in your life, particularly if you have little support around you. If you would like to know more about worry and anxiety at this time in your life you have come to the right place. 

Explore the following pages to learn more about anxiety and worry, think about how anxiety affects you and find ways to help with those anxious thoughts and feelings. Below are the definitions for worry, anxiety and anxiety disorders. See if one sounds more like you. If you are unsure if you have anxiety or worry, go to our self-assessment pages to explore your thoughts and feelings further.

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65+ years

Professor Jane Fisher, Jean Hailes Professor of Women’s Health at Monash University and Dr Mandy Deeks, Psychologist have a conversation about anxiety and worry in older women.

How anxious do you feel?


Worry is when you feel uneasy, troubled or concerned about things but these feelings do not dominate your day. They are simply part of life.

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Anxiety is when you have an unpleasant feeling of nervousness, apprehension, distress and fear that something bad could happen, but this feeling is generally manageable.

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Anxiety disorders

An anxiety disorder means you worry excessively and feel nervous and fearful about real or imagined threats in the future. The anxious feelings are so strong and persistent they interfere significantly with your daily life and cause you a high level of emotional and physical distress.

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