The K10 has 10 questions which help to show how distressed you are and whether it would be good for you to seek further help.

General Practitioners (GPs) often use the K10 to assess your level of psychological distress and to prepare a Mental Health Plan when they wish to refer you to a Psychologist. If you want you can do both the GAD-7 and the K10.

Please complete all questions. To ensure we get you the right results, we need you to complete all questions in the form.

In the past 4 weeks, about how often did you feel...
None of the time
A little of the time
Some of the time
Most of the time
All of the time

1. Tired for no good reason?

2. Nervous?

3. So nervous that nothing could calm you down?

4. Hopeless?

5. Restless or fidgety?

6. So restless you could not sit still?

7. Depressed?

8. Everything was an effort?

9. So sad that nothing could cheer you up?

10. Worthless?

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Your assessment result

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What does your score mean?

Scores between 10-15: Low level of psychological distress

Scores between 16-21: Moderate level of psychological distress

Scores between 22-29: High level of psychological distress

Scores between 30-50: Very high level of psychological distress

What to do next?

If you have low to moderate levels of psychological distress and your thoughts and feelings are not interfering with your daily life you may like to understand more about the causes of worries and anxiety or you may like to see if one of the tools in the toolkit can help to reduce the distress you are feeling.

If you have high to very high distress and you haven’t already seen a doctor or another health professional such as a psychologist please seek help as there are many things they can do to help (see the tool kit section for how to get in contact with a doctor and/or psychologist). You could print out a copy of the K-10 to take to your Doctor if you like. If you are very distressed and you haven’t already sought help go to ‘Get help now’ and seek help as soon as possible. 

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