Sometimes it is hard to know if what you are feeling is worry, anxiety or an anxiety disorder. You may already know you are an anxious person or perhaps someone has told you that you are a ‘worrier’. To understand more about whether you are worried, anxious or have an anxiety disorder we have included some questions for you to ask yourself.

Start by asking yourself the following 3 questions. Depending on your answers we will then guide you from there.

Please complete all questions. To ensure we get you the right results, we need you to complete all questions in the form.

1. During the past four weeks have you been bothered by feeling worried a lot of the time?

2. Are you frequently tense, irritable or fearful?

3. Are these feelings interfering with your daily life?

What to do next?

You can find more questions about worry here to explore these feelings further.

Click here to answer some more questions and explore your level of anxiety.

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