This only takes 15 minutes

If you are anxious about your pregnancy, coping with your new baby or anything else, try and spend 15 minutes of your day dedicated to focusing on those worries or anxieties, (this may be hard with a new baby but even 5 minutes is a good start). You will need to:

  1. Plan if you can
    At the start of every day, decide when you will spend 15 minutes just thinking about your worries and anxieties. If this is near impossible be alert to grabbing 5 minutes when you can.
  2. Choose a place 
    Find a place in your home, garden, on a balcony, near your work, in a park or wherever you won’t be disturbed, but feel safe, to spend 15 minutes.
  3. Focus
    For 15 minutes focus only on what you are worried or anxious about. 
    Really think about what is making you feel nervous and fearful and try to shut out all other thoughts.
    If you want to, you can come up with some solutions during your 15 minutes but that is not always possible.
  4. Stop
    At the end of the 15 minutes that is it. If you find yourself feeling worried or anxious at other times during the day when it is not your “worry/anxiety time” you need to say to yourself  “That’s okay I can focus on that during my worry/anxious time. I have a time to do that later. I don’t need to do it now.”
  5. Be strong about the time  
    Worry time is worry time. Anxiety time is anxiety time. The rest of the day is for getting on with everything else.

After a little while of doing this, you may find that sometimes you get to your worry time and what you were fearful of earlier in the day doesn’t seem so big anymore.

Created on 29/08/2013 | Updated on 01/12/2015
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