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There are many places to turn to if you want to get further help or you are anxious about something. It is tempting to wander the internet when you have a question or you are worried about something. Sometimes you find helpful information and sometimes you can get poor advice. It is best to use websites, apps and blogs from well respected sources such as those with government backing or are from an organisation with access to experts who specialise in anxiety. You might like to try:

General sites

  1. Your Fertility, which provides facts to make choices about your fertility -
  2. VARTA – Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority, which provides independent information and resources -
  3. Andrology Australia – for issues to do with male infertility
  4. Healthdirect – Trusted health information and advice online and over the phone (1800 022 222), available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Funded by the governments of Australia
  5. Your General Practitioner (GP) or local doctor. If you don’t have a doctor and need to find one in your area go to National Health Services Directory Here you will be able to find your closest general practice, pharmacy or hospital.

Mental and emotional health sites

  1. Head to Health have a guided search tool that helps you to assess your level of anxiety and then offers information on places to get help –
  2. Beyondblue, a not for profit organisation addressing the issues of anxiety and depression for Australians of all ages or call 1300 224 636
  3. A psychologist. Go to the referrals section of the website of The Australian Psychological Society to find a psychologist who works near you.
  4. SANE – for information and support call 1800 187 263 (between 9am-5pm weekdays) or visit
  5. Lifeline – you can call 13114 or visit
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