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Everyone worries and has anxious feelings at some time in their life. This may be when you are young, when you are trying to get pregnant, when you are menopausal or when you are managing a chronic illness.

How do you know when your worries or anxieties are a problem though? If you are a worrier now does that mean you might end up with an anxiety disorder later? How do you know if you need to get help?

These are important questions. This website has been developed to help you understand more about worry, anxiety and anxiety disorders at different times in your life.

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    Anxiety: Learn, think, do
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How anxious do you feel?


Worry is when you feel uneasy, troubled or concerned about specific things or situations.

The feelings are unpleasant but you can still get on with daily life, and they usually only last a short time.

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Anxiety is an unpleasant feeling of nervousness, apprehension and fear that something bad is happening, or about to happen.

Anxious feelings may cause physical symptoms like sweating and feeling shaky, and emotional symptoms like feeling that you need to run away. Anxious feelings tend to last longer than worry.

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Anxiety disorders

An anxiety disorder is when you have constant, excessive worry and are frightened about future uncertainties real or imagined.

This level of anxiety interferes with daily life and causes significant physical and emotional distress.

You may be very anxious and fearful of lots of things, or have one specific fear, or be experiencing significant anxiety after a trauma.

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